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Hamma Closed End Stainless Steel Thimbles
Hamma Closed End Stainless Steel Thimbles

hamma™ brand

Closed-end thimbles

High Load Capacity

Cast from marine-grade stainless steel


More Information

hamma logohamma™ Closed End Thimbles are excellent for high-load applications 

All marine-grade AISI stainless steel components are manufactured in their own factory in Thailand.
hamma™ employs 550 people and 60 highly skilled engineers to specialise in the manufacture of tensile stainless steel solutions.
hamma™ ISO 9001:2008 quality control is complemented by ISO 17025 certification.

Hamma Closed End Thimbles Technical Data:
Casting material: AISI304 DIN1.4308
Production:S2344 - Thimble Cast
Surface treatment: Electro-polished
Application: Designed for extra heavy loads

hamma thimble diagram

Hamma Size B L Maximum Rope/Wire Diameter
4234-4002 2mm 8mm 21.0mm 2mm
4234-4003 3mm 10mm 26.0mm 3mm
4234-4004 4mm 12mm 32.0mm 4mm
4234-4006 6mm 16mm 43.0mm 6mm
4234-4008 8mm 24mm 58.5mm 8mm
4234-4010 10mm 28mm 72.0mm 10mm
4234-4012 12mm 35mm 86.0mm 12mm
4234-4014 14mm 39mm 100.8mm 14mm
4234-4016 16mm 45mm 110.0mm 16mm
4234-4019 19mm 54mm 124.0mm 20mm
4234-4022 22mm 60mm 130.0mm 22mm
4234-4025 25mm 70mm 148.0mm 25mm