Yacht Drogues

Manufactured by Jimmy Green Marine

Best Quality PVC

High Tenacity Polyester Webbing

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Ring

Heavy Duty Stitching

Longstanding design and production

£ 70.00 inc VAT

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PBO Best Budget Buy. PBO wrote: "Jimmy Green, based in Beer in East Devon, make a number of sizes of drogue - this one was a Size 10, suitable for Mohraina's 29ft. It comprises a PVC cone. At low revs, it reduced our speed from 3.5 knots to 2 knots. exerting 28kg on the line. Flat out, it reduced the boat speed from 7 to 4.5 knots, exerting 100kg on the line. It set immediately on immersion despite the lack of any stiffening to hold the mouth of the cone open, and behaved well underwater, with no spinning, slewing or porpoising. A short length of chain helped keep it submerged. It was simple to recover, and a tripline will help to collapse the drogue on recovery" PBO, July 2014

Yacht drogues are designed to be towed from the stern during adverse weather conditions, helping to maintain course downwind and avoid broaching.

Yacht Drogue Deployment:

  • slow the yacht to afford more control
  • keep the boat tracking down wind
  • help prevent broaching in surf conditions
  • is possible from the bow in extreme conditions

Yacht Drogues are normally deployed from the stern, attached via an Octoplait Bridle.

The bridle shares the shock load and can also be used to adjust the steering angle to the wave pattern.

Attach the bridle to a long warp to prevent shock loading.

Smaller sized drogues can be trailed one behind the other on the same warp by making them off at different points along the rode using the stainless ring.

Yacht Drogues also feature a webbing loop at the narrow end of the cone for trip line attachment.

The Jimmy Green Yacht Drogue Size roughly equates to yacht length in metres.

However, this is only a guide and will depend on your anticipated requirement.

Drogue SizeYacht Length OverallMouth Diameter 
66 metres30cm
88 metres38cm
1010 metres50cm
1212 metres63cm
1414 metres76cm

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