Para Anchors

Para Anchors are designed to provide sufficient power to hold the bow of a vessel head to wind in the worst storm conditions.

An extremely useful offshore safety option

Please note Para Drogue's are handmade to order - allow a minimum of 7-14 days for delivery

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Para Anchors should be deployed from the bow of the vessel and greatly reduce the risk of broaching, capsizing or rolling, keeping the boat more comfortable and stable throughout the duration of the heavy weather.

Most importantly it allows the vessel to take the storm head on, rather than running with it, which reduces the time spent in discomfort.

A must have for any cruising yachtsman or long distance sailor.


  • High density, brightly coloured nylon for high visibility in search and rescue.
  • 0.75mts x 8mm Stainless chain to help with deployment.
  • Reinforced in areas of high load and stress points.
  • Easy and safe retrieval using a partial trip line to the correct specification for each Model.
  • A range of sizes to fit yachts up to 18 metres.

Please note that it is worth considering a larger Para Anchor for vessels of heavy displacement for their size

Para Anchor Manufacturer Recommended Sizes:

SizeMultihullMonohull, light displacementMonohull, heavy displacementPart Number
Coastal 99m8m6.5mSAF1000
Global 1210.5m10m9mSAF1010
Tasman 1512m11m10mSAF1020
Bass Strait 1814m12m11mSAF1030
Pacific 2015m13m12mSAF1040
Southern 2418m17m16mSAF1050