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Stoppers / Balls / Parrel Beads
Stoppers / Balls / Parrel Beads
Stoppers / Balls / Parrel Beads
Stoppers / Balls / Parrel Beads

Genuine Seasure manufacture

Rope Stoppers
Plastic Balls
Parrell Beads

whatever you call them

Ideal for the end of shock cord or rope

See dimensions chart below

Priced individually


More Information

Rope Stoppers, stopper balls, also known as parrel beads or doughnuts, have multiple uses onboard, attached to the end of shock cord and running rigging lines.

These are genuine Seasure balls, manufactured from an extremely durable plastic compound in Warsash UK.

Seasure plastic balls are available in 4 sizes and 6 colours.

Please note that the hole sizes vary from reverse to obverse sides.

Stoppers, Balls and Parrel Beads are ideal for use on both shock cord and rope for all sorts of jobs on board:
e.g. for securing covers, for the end of control lines to stop them getting pulled out through cleat fairleads, on the splice of sheets and halyards.

Dimensions are denoted by external diameter, small hole diameter and the larger counterbore hole (or rebate) diameter, see the diagramatic illustration on green stopper in photos.

To explain in a different way - the space to neatly accommodate the stopper knot is created by counterboring the small hole.
The counter bore or rebate dimaeter is listed in the chart below.

The small hole can easily be drilled out to a larger size for your application.

Parrel Beads Dimensions
Size Hole Diameter Rebate Diameter External Diameter
X Small 4mm 8mm 17mm
Small 6mm 13mm 22mm
Medium 7mm 15mm 31mm
Large 11mm 23mm 44mm