Tyga Clips

Tyga Clips, commonly referred to as Quick Clips

Manufactured by RWO

Handy jamming cleats designed specifically for shock cord

Quick and simple method of lassoing kit together

Sold individually with or without LIROS white shock cord fitted

£ 1.00 inc VAT

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RWO Tyga Ties are jamming cleats specifically designed for shock cord, also known as bungee or simply plain elastic.

The neat profile has a space which neatly accommodates the securing knot in the shock cord.

Quick and simple method of lassoing kit together.

Simply pass the bungy through the centre and jam in the cam.

Very effective for sail ties and other similar lashings - The end of the cord can be passed through the cleat and held safely before it is stretched and under tension.

Available in 3 sizes, available as clip only or complete with LIROS top quality white shock cord fitted:

RWOSizeBungee ØOption 1Option 2
R8010Small5mm1 metre1.5 metre
R8020Medium7mm1 metre1.5 metre
R8030Large10mm1 metre1.5 metre

Bungee Ø = LIROS Shock Cord diameter

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