Jimmy Green Halyard Tail Whipping Finish

The Jimmy Green Professional Whipped End Finish for halyards.

Includes a tail for reeving new halyard.

The whipping twine colour will be selected to best match the rope.

£ 7.50 inc VAT

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The Jimmy Green Professional Whipped End Finish for halyards.

Whipping - colour and length to suit the rope - prevents the end of your rope cracking, fraying and unravelling - essential on ropes manufactured with inner core and outer cover, to lock the two together.

Includes a tail for attaching a mousing line when removing halyard from mast.
The mousing line can then be used to pull the new halyard through the mast ready for use.

Halyard Tail Options:

Marlow Ropes - tail created from Marlow whipping twine

LIROS Ropes - tail created with LIROS tape

All Ropes - tail created by splicing the cover only

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