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Karver KF Standard V3 Furler
Karver KF Standard V3 Furler
Karver KF Standard V3 Furler 2 in 1 K Snap Detail
Karver KF Standard V3 Furler Top Swivel
Karver KF Standard V3 Furler K Kroc Impact Protection Detail
10 Good Reasons to Choose Karver KF Standard V3 Furlers

New Generation Version 3 Straight Luff Furler

Suitable for yachts up to 100 feet in length overall

Top halyard swivel and lower drum included

Quick release/install captive fast pin mechanisms

Anti-torsion rope and thimbles not included

Check below for the Karver Size Guide


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More Information

The KF Standard V3 Furler range is the latest third-generation development since Karver’s first model launched in 2003.

The Karver Standard V3 models are the most compact, powerful, but lightweight systems suitable for Cruising and Racing Yachts.

Karver KF Standard V3 Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Karver's original simple, quick installation principles
  • Patented Carbon / Kevlar® continuous line wheel (also referred to as a drum)
  • Reinforced ABS casing with K Krok impact-resistant protection
  • 2 in 1 K Snap snap shackle and friction sheave
  • Unique remote locking system for operation of the furling drum from the safety of the cockpit
  • Top Swivel with K Krok impact-resistant protection
  • Captive Fast Pins - Ergonomic, reliable, easy to clean and maintain, captive (so you can’t lose it overboard) opening and locking system
  • Lashing Eyes - lighter, more compact, but stronger than swivel snap shackles
  • Automatic Furling Line Pressure Release – loosens the line when not under tension, which reduces wear and potential rope burns
  • KTS adaptor available for top-down furling a spinnaker

The Karver KF Furler Version 3 Range features advanced technology innovations:

The patented Carbon / Kevlar continuous line wheel - The new generation drum is stronger, has better line grip, reduced line wear, a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, lighter weight, and the potential for customising into top-down furling. The use of lightweight carbon allows the stainless steel components to be stronger without increasing the overall weight of the system.,.

The Karver K Snap - The 2 in 1 K Snap combines a 2:1 friction sheave with a high-performance snap shackle. 

K Krok Impact and Abrasion Resistance - All the ABS wheel casings and top swivels on standard V3 Furlers are fitted with advanced engineering K Krok silicone compound to protect not only the Furler system parts but also the deck, sails, and crew hands. 

Large Wheel Option - Wide continuous line wheels are available for the  KF1.5 and KF3 models, delivering more torque (= power) for less effort

KTS Adaptor - Add the appropriate KTS adaptor to switch from Straight Luff to Top-Down Furling for Spinnakers and Gennakers

Karver KTS Straight Luff to Top Down Furling Adapator

Included in the box: 1 x Drum, 1 x Swivel, 1 x Automatic Lock, 1 x User manual, 1 x Storage bag

Karver KF V3 Standard Kit Contents

Not included: Thimbles, Anti-Torsion Line, Furling Line, KTS Adaptor

Karver KF Version 3 Standard Specifications:

Karver Model KF1.5 v3 KF1.5 v3 Large KF3 v3 KF3 v3 Large KF4.5 v3 KF6 v3 KF8 v3  KF10 v3  KF12 v3
Karver Reference PF300 150 PF300 150[L] PF300 300 PF300 300[L] PF300 450 PF300 600 PF300 850 PF300 1000 PF300 1200
Karver Recommended Yacht Length 25-35 feet 25-40 feet 25-40 feet 30-40 feet 20-45 feet 40-55 feet 55-65 feet 60-80 feet 70-100 feet
Safe Working Load 1500kg 1500kg 3000kg 3000kg 4500kg 6000kg 8000kg 10000kg 12000kg
Karver Break Load 3000kg 3000kg 6000kg 6000kg 9000kg 12000kg 16000kg 20000kg 24000kg
Drum Diameter 120mm 160mm 160mm 195mm 195mm 220mm 220mm 220mm 220mm
Fast Pin Diameter  8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm 12mm 12mm 14mm 18mm 20mm
Fork width 14.6mm 14.6mm 18mm 18mm 20mm 20mm 24mm 22.2mm 22.2mm
Maximum Furling Line Diameter 6mm 6mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
Maximum Torsional Stay Diameter 11mm 11mm 14mm 14mm 16mm 16mm 18mm 17mm 17mm
Weight 0.667kg 0.82kg 1.18kg 1.595kg 2.145kg 1.993kg 2.52kg

Karver KF V3 1.5 to 12

Karver KF V3 Standard Furler Datasheet 1.5 to 12

Download (1.17MB)

Karver KF1.5 V3

Karver KF1.5 V3 Dimensions

Download (472.33KB)

Karver KF3 V3

Karver KF3 V3 Dimensions

Download (728.88KB)

Karver KF3 V3 Large

Karver KF3 V3 Large Wheel Dimensions

Download (559.32KB)

Karver KF4.5 V3

Karver KF4.5 V3 Dimensions

Download (523.51KB)

Karver KF6 V3

Karver KF6 V3 Dimensions

Download (595.65KB)

Karver KF8 V3

Karver KF8 V3 Dimensions

Download (551.09KB)

Karver KF10 V3

Karver KF10 V3 Dimensions

Download (431.12KB)

Karver KF12 V3

Karver KF12 V3 Dimensions

Download (732.13KB)

Karver KF1.5 V3 Large Wheel

Karver KF1.5 V3 Large Wheel Dimensions

Download (698.92KB)