Hamma Closed End Stainless Steel Thimbles

Hamma Closed End Stainless Steel Thimbles


Closed end thimbles

High Load Capacity

Cast from marine grade stainless steel

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hamma™ Closed End Thimbles

All components are manufactured in their own factory in Thailand.
hamma™ employ 550 people and 60 highly skilled engineers to specialise in the manufacture of tensile stainless steel solutions.
hamma™ ISO 9001:2008 quality control is complemented by ISO 17025 certification.

Technical Data

Casting material : AISI304 - DIN 1.4308
Production: S2344 - Thimble Cast
Surface treatment: "E.P. " (Electro polished)
Field of application: Closed end thimbles are designed for application where extra heavy loads are expected. The closed end helps to avoid any deformation of the thimble under extreme force.

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hamma thimble specification

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