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Manufactured by OS

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Ideal for extending rigging

Good for articulation

2 sizes only available

Select by approximate pin Ø

See table below


More Information

OS Toggle forks feature an eye one end and a fork the other end making them ideal for solving tricky rigging issues.

The 5mm and 6mm sizes come with either a rounded head or with a square head.

Please email if you have a preference.

If you order in multiples then we will send all the same if possible.

This data is from the BSI website:

OS/BSI Toggle Dimensions

OS Toggle Specifications
OS/BSI Wire Ø Pin Ø Hole Ø Inside Width:X2 Outside Width: X1 Length: Z0
810006 3mm 6.4mm 6.6mm 7.0mm ± 1.0mm 6mm 29.9mm
810011 6mm 11mm 11.4mm 12.5mm ± 1.0mm 10mm 47.4mm
810016 8mm 15.9mm 16.3mm 17.0mm ± 1.0mm 12mm 72mm
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