Sta-lok Double Jaw Toggle

Stainless steel strap and double pin arrangement

Ideal for forestay attachments in conjunction with furling gears

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Available with pins from 6.7 to 23mm

£ 23.70 inc VAT

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Sta-Lok Double Jaw Toggles are manufactured from high specification marine grade stainless steel to suit turnbuckle forks ¼” to 5/8” or M6 to M16.

Sta-lok Double Jaw Toggle Dimenions in mm
Sta-Lok and ThreadABCDPE
DJT-14 - 1/4"162097.66.76.4
DJT-516 - 5/16"19251098.37.9
DJT-38 - 3/8"22281211109.5
DJT-716 - 7/16"2932151211.511.1
DJT-12 - 1/2"323416.5131312.7
DJT-58 - 5/8"384320191616.3
DJT-34 - 3/4"4881262019.518.5
DJT-78 - 7/8"609232252321.5

Sta-lok Double Jaw Toggle Dimenions

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