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Tylaska Dog Bones

Tapered, textured profile

Ideal for rigging applications

Laser identification engraving

Recessed cross holes

Anodised Aluminium or Stainless Steel

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Ideal for use on outhauls, halyards, sheets and a myriad of other rigging applications.

Tylaska Dogbone Design Features:

  • Anodised Aluminium or Stainless Steel
  • Tapered section which keeps the line in the centre
  • Ribbed finish for extra grip
  • Laser engraved identification
  • Recessed cross holes to keep leash knots captive

Tylaska dogbone design features a unique patented tapered profile with a grooved texture that grabs onto the line and prevents slippage without creating any snagging issues.

Dog bones have a rich history, appearing first as wooden pegs on tall ships.

Modern Dogbones have been re-engineered using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques to become a handy, versatile piece of running rigging kit.

Modern Dogbones are lightweight but strong metal rods tapered from the ends into the middle.

The tapered section makes them look like a bone, hence the nickname dogbone.

The middle section can be attached to the end of a line and used like a button or toggle to make a connection to another line, grommet or deck fitting.

Dogbones are useful for attaching the halyard to the headboard  - maximises sail height without the added length of a conventional shackle.

Dogbones also work well for sheets and outhauls, secure connecting rod for soft loops when attaching blocks to deck fittings and numerous other rigging applications.

Dogbones don't jam under tension and can therefore be quickly attached and detached.

Tylaska Dog Bone Diagram

Rope = recommended rope diameter
MBL = Tylaska estimated break load

Anodised Aluminium Tylaska Dog Bone Dimensions
Tylaska A B C Rope MBL
DB8 32mm 8mm 5.6mm 4mm 1100kg
DB10 40mm 10mm 7mm 6mm 1900kg
DB12 48mm 12mm 8.4mm 7mm 2800kg
DB14 56mm 14mm 9.9mm 8mm 3800kg
DB16 64mm 16mm 11.3mm 10mm 5000kg
DB18 72mm 18mm 12.7mm 12mm 6400kg

Stainless Steel Tylaska Dog Bone Dimensions
Tylaska A B C Rope EMBL
DB8 SS 32mm 8mm 5.6mm 4mm 2300kg
DB10 SS 40mm 10mm 7mm 6mm 4100kg
DB12 SS 48mm 12mm 8.4mm 7mm 5900kg
DB14 SS 56mm 14mm 9.9mm 8mm 8200kg
DB16 SS 64mm 16mm 11.3mm 10mm 10400kg
DB18 SS 72mm 18mm 12.7mm 12mm 13600kg

EMBL =Manufacturer Estimated Break Load

Dog Bone as Halyard

Dog bone as halyard

Dog bone used to terminate a sheet

Dog bone
Dog bone on loop to connect a block

Dog bone on loop to connect block