Tylaska Snap Shackles

Available in sizes T5, T8, T12

Standard or large bail

High break load

Top quality yacht racing hardware

£ 210.00 inc VAT

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Tylaska Snap Shackle Factures and Features:

Precision manufactured in the USA by Tylaska Marine, world renowned for their quality hardware.

Tylaska snapshackles are designed to deliver excellent performance under the toughest racing conditions.

Ergonomically designed for one handed opening and closing under load with a snap lock action

Tylaska Sna Shackles have a swivel eye to allow rotation - helping to maintain sail shape.

Tylaska size range = T5 up to T50

Jimmy Green Marine stock T5 T8 and T12 with Standard Bail or Large Bail.

Other sizes and configurations are available by special order.

Standard Bail (SB)- ample room for attaching a line while keeping the weight and overall shackle length to a minimum, for halyards and sheets.

Large Bail (LB) - extra room for up to three additional shackles or a combination of extra shackles and lines, for spinnaker/gennaker sheets and guys.

Tylaska Yacht Size Guide:

  • T5 = 6-9 metres Length overall
  • T8 = 8-11 metres LOA
  • T12 = 9-14 metres LOA

Tylaska Snap Shackle Diagram

Tylaska Snap Shackle Specifications
T5 SB14.2mm14.2mm13.5mm14.2mm74.6mm59gm2273kg
T5 LB14.2mm14.2mm20.6mm22.2mm84.1mm74gm2273kg
T8 SB17.5mm16.7mm15.1mm16.7mm87.3mm97gm3636kg
T8 LB17.5mm16.7mm24.6mm25.4mm92.1mm116gm3636kg
T12 SB19.1mm19.8mm19.1mm19.1mm101.6mm159gm5455kg
T12 LB19.1mm19.8mm28.6mm30.2mm114.3mm205gm5455kg

MBL = Manufacturer (Tylaska) Break Load

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