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Stitch and Whip Kit - With Bag, Left Hand
Stitch and Whip Kit - With Bag, Right Hand


  • Adjustable palm, left or right hand
  • 5 mixed sailmaker needles in a tube
  • Traditional block of beeswax
  • One reel of each: LIROS white 1.0mm and 1.5mm whipping twines

Supplied loose or in a Jimmy Green drawstring bag


More Information

Jimmy Green Whipping and Stitch Kit: sailmaker palm (left or right hand), 5 mixed sailmaker needles in a tube, 2 reels of white whipping twine and a traditional block of beeswax.

Comprises genuine Wm Smith & Son and LIROS parts:

  • Liverpool pattern Number 5 adjustable sailmaker palm (left or right hand)
  • Tube of 5 assorted (Number 14 to number 18) Top Quality Reduced Edge sailmaker's needles, forged, cast and hand finished from high carbon heat treated steel.
  • Traditional block of beeswax
  • LIROS White 1.0mm whipping Twine
  • LIROS White 1.5mm whipping Twine

Supplied loose or in a stowage bag

*Please note that stowage bag colour may vary depending on fabric availability.

Sailmaker Repair Kit with Bag