Wichard HR Snap Shackles

Wichard HR = High Resistance stainless steel snap shackles

Manufactured in France by Wichard

The top quality choice in their category

Excellent break load and performance

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HR = Forged from 17.4ph top quality marine grade stainless steel with extra high breaking strain compared with AISI.

HR delivers superb performance under load.

Forging increases elasticity and maximises internal strength resulting in a superior stainless steel suitable for high load applications.

Forged stainless steel does not normally break without warning but deforms before giving way.

The Skipper's regular safety rig check will therefore give notice and an opportunity for replacement

Wichard HR stainless steel snap shackles are the top quality choice in their category.

The plunger pin design and manufacturing process results in an assembly which will not come apart, even after extended use.

The plunger pin is ergonomically designed to open easily but also features a ring for attaching a release lanyard


  • Fixed Eye - for standard applications where the line doesn't need to rotate
  • Swivel Eye - for use when free rotation will help to maintain the desired sail shape
  • Large Bail Swivel Eye - for accommodating an extra line or fitting

WD2470 is not HR, but deemed quite adequate for 6mm diameter rope.

Measurement A refers to the maximum usable aperture/diameter when closed i.e. the biggest diameter rope or fitting that it will reasonably clip on to.

Measurement B refers to the maximum usable aperture/diameter for the halyard, sheet or control line.

N.B. the maximum line diameter for multiple lines in a large bail can be estimated from the figure in the list below.

Fixed Eye Specifications
PartType LengthABWLLMBL
WD-2470Fixed Eyenon HR35mm8mm6mm160kg400kg
WD-2471Fixed EyeHR50mm16mm10mm960kg2000kg
WD-2472Fixed EyeHR70mm21mm13mm1280kg3000kg

Fixed Eye Snap Shackle Diagram
Swivel Eye Specifications
PartType LengthABWLLMBL
WD-2473Swivel EyeHR70mm16mm11mm960kg2000kg
WD-2475Swivel EyeHR90mm21mm14mm1280kg3700kg
WD-2477Swivel EyeHR120mm26mm21mm2800kg7000kg

Swivel Snap Shackle Diagram
Large Bail Swivel Eye Specifications
PartType LengthABWLLMBL
WD-2373Large Bail HR80mm16mm19mm960kg2000kg
WD-2375Large BailHR105mm21mm26mm1280kg3600kg
WD-2377Large BailHR140mm26mm35mm2800kg7500kg

Large Bail is a Swivel Eye
WLL = working load limit
MBL = Manufacturer Break Load

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