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Wichard HR Speedlink Snap Shackle
Wichard HR Speedlink Snap Shackle
Wichard HR Speedlink Snap Shackle

HR = High Resistance

Forged from 17.4ph marine grade stainless steel

Top opening to prevent snagging on release

Trigger fid aperture for release under load

Select by length overall

See below for the specifications table


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Developed by the Wichard Design Team, HR Speedlink Snap Shackles are the culmination of advanced technology and stringent testing, resulting in an optimised, sleek and ergonomic design with the easiest trigger latch release available.

High Resistance (HR) Explained

High Resistance, abbreviated to HR, means forged from 17.4ph top quality marine grade stainless steel with a greater break load capacity than standard AISI stainless steel.

Forging increases elasticity and maximises internal strength, resulting in superior stainless steel suitable for high-load applications
Forged stainless steel does not normally break without warning but deforms before giving way.
Therefore, a skipper's regular safety rig check should give notice and an opportunity for replacement.

Wichard HR Speedlink Snap Shackles Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Supreme strength - High Resistance Forged 17.4 stainless steel
  • Quick Release under Load - explicitly developed to produce the easiest release trigger shackle available
  • Easy Release under Load - sloping access to the generous fid aperture
  • Top Opening - hingeing at the top prevents the line from getting hooked/snagged on release
  • Advanced Technology - Ultra Technical Optimised Design to hone the shape, cut out unnecessary material and add strengthening ribs
  • Minimised Abrasion - specialised profile engineering on the load-bearing surface of the swivel eye to prevent excessive rope wear
  • Ergonomic Profile - sleek design minimises the potential for jamming on adjacent lines
  • Secure Locking - the latch is designed to reduce inertia and prevent accidental release, especially under impact
Wichard Type Length A B WLL MBL
WD-2650 Universal Eye 74mm 14mm 11.5mm 1100kg 2300kg
WD-2652 Universal Eye 87mm 17mm 16mm 1440kg 3400kg
WD-2654 Universal Eye 108mm 21mm 22mm 2320kg 5400kg
WD-2656 Universal Eye 134mm 25mm 26mm 4300kg 8700kg

WLL = Working Load Limit
MBL = Manufacturer Break Load
Measurement A = the maximum usable diameter of the top aperture when closed, i.e. the largest diameter rope or fitting it will reasonably clip onto.
Measurement B = the maximum usable diameter of the aperture for the halyard, sheet or control line.
N.B. The maximum line diameter for multiple lines can be estimated from B in the list above.

Wichard Speedlink Release Fid
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Wichard Shackle and Spike Tool
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