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Wichard quick release snap shackle swivel eye
Wichard quick release snap shackle swivel eye
Wichard quick release snap shackle large bail

Wichard HR = High Resistance Stainless Steel Quick Release Snap Shackles, yank to release while under tension

Available with standard size Swivel Eye or Large Bail Swivel Eye

Select by Length overall


More Information

HR = Forged from 17.4ph top quality marine grade stainless steel with extra high breaking strain compared with normal marine grade stainless

HR = excellent breaking strain and durability

Forging reduces brittleness and maximises the internal tensile properties creating an enhanced stainless steel ideal for high load applications
Forged stainless steel normally deforms first when overloaded acting as a warning before the fitting fails.
A regular safety rig check by skipper or crew should therefore give notice of the impending breakage and create an opportunity for replacement before ultimate untimely failure

Wichard Quick Release Snap Shackles features:

  • Totally smooth oval shape with a quick release lanyard mechanism
  • Ideal for spinnaker sheet and guy applications
  • Immediate release under load with a yank on the lanyard
  • Available with standard size swivel eye or Large Bail Swivel Eye

Measurement A refers to the maximum usable diameter when closed i.e. the biggest diameter rope or fitting that will reasonably fit inside the top opening clasp

Measurement B refers to the maximum usable diameter for the halyard, sheet or control line.
N.B. the maximum line diameter for multiple lines in a large bail can be estimated from the figure B in the second list below

Snap Shackle illustration

Standard Swivel Eye Dimensions:
Part Type Length A B WLL MBL
WD-2673 Swivel Eye 70mm 14mm 11mm 880kg 1500kg
WD-2674 Swivel Eye 80mm 16mm 12mm 1280kg 2300kg
WD-2675 Swivel Eye 90mm 20mm 13.5mm 1600kg 3200kg
WD-2676 Swivel Eye 110mm 25mm 16mm 2400kg 4200kg
WD-2677 Swivel Eye 130mm 30mm 20mm 3200kg 6300kg
WD-2678 Swivel Eye 150mm 34mm 24mm 5200kg 9000kg
Large Bail Swivel Eye Dimensions:
Part Type Length A B WLL MBL
WD-2773 Large Bail 80mm 14mm 19mm 880kg 1300kg
WD-2774 Large Bail 90mm 16mm 23mm 1280kg 2000kg
WD-2775 Large Bail 110mm 20mm 26.5mm 1600kg 3000kg
WD-2776 Large Bail 120mm 25mm 31mm 2400kg 4000kg
WD-2777 Large Bail 145mm 30mm 35.5mm 2800kg 6300kg
WD-2778 Large Bail 160mm 34mm 41mm 5200kg 8000kg

WLL = working load limit
MBL = Manufacturer Break Load