5mm Wire spliced to 10mm LIROS Rope Halyards


Wire to Rope Halyards may seem outdated compared with modern high tech ropes but they are still in service all round the world

Low maintenance, zero stretch and no need to replace any wire sheaves

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The Professional Finish, Wire to LIROS Rope Halyard from the Jimmy Green Marine Rigging Team:
7 x 19 top quality KOS Stainless Steel wire spliced into LIROS Braid on Braid construction low stretch halyard rope

Select from LIROS Braid on Braid (Top Cruising Article 00152/01528) and LIROS Herkules (Article 00154/01550/01552)
Colours: Between these two ropes there are a wide range of different colours to choose from including White, Classic and Vision (full colours blended with grey)

1. End fitting (shackle/snapshackle) if required
2. Eye Splice 
3. Wire and length (see below for help on length)
4. Wire to Rope Splice
5. Rope selection, colour and length
6. The Professional Finish on the other end of the rope, if required

Ideally the wire should not quite reach the halyard winch because if the wire goes around the winch under load it will eventually take up the same shape as the drum.
N.B. The length of the wire should include the wire inside the wire to rope splice.

Your finished rope length (selection 5) will be measured from the end of the wire to the end of the rope
The wire to rope splice is 75cm long but we will allow for this rope in the splice i.e. we will add 75cm to your selected length, paid for in the price of the splice
The overall length of your halyard selction online should then tally with your requirements

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team will add a parrel bead to the talurit splice if required - the colour of the ball will be in keeping with the rope colour you have selected

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are happy to splice your existing shackles onto the new halyards

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