N.B. Please note that this table is only a guide based on LIROS recommendation, experience and customer feedback

N.B. It is important to factor in:
Displacement to Length ratio i.e. is your yacht relatively light or heavy for her length ?
Mooring Configuration e.g. alongside, stern to, fore and aft or on a swinging mooring. N.B. the number of warps that share the load is a major factor
Exposure: e.g. fetch, tide and chop

Permanent Mooring Strops with chain centre section
If abrasion is a significant problem on your mooring then you may consider a strop with a chain centre section - look in Strops and Bridles
We will splice rope to chain to rope so that the chain centre section takes all the wear and the two rope ends are cleated off on the boat end

Permanent Mooring Strops - for forward/aft and swinging moorings
Three or four columns to the right of your boat length in the guide above is a good benchmark for the size of your mooring strop. N.B. it is always a good idea to take advice on local conditions and to check your proposed size and configuration against other boats moored in your area.
3 Strand or Anchorplait Nylon is the best rope for trots/piles where you are moored fore and aft.
N.B. use only Anchorplait Nylon for swinging moorings. 3 strand lines may ‘cockle’ when continually twisted against the lay of the rope. The construction of Anchorplait prevents any ‘cockling’ 

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