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Guard Rail Fittings

Guard Rails form a vital safety barrier around your yacht, preventing any crew member from falling overboard.

Jimmy Green Marine supply a range of individual fittings designed to improve the efficiency of any installation by providing an extra means of adjustment or a quick release option e.g.

Guardrail Adjustment - it is important that guard wires are tightened to the required tension and remain taut

Pelican Hooks - convenient attachment and quick release

Interlocking Eyes and Eye Nuts - good for efficient Guard Rail Gate systems

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Wichard Pelican Hook Metric Thread
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Stainless Steel Dee Rings

Sta Lok DIY Self-Fit Eye

Sta-Lok Eye


Sta Lok Self-Fit Fork

Sta-Lok Fork


stalok stud

Sta-Lok Stud


Stalok toggle
Pelican Hook - stainless steel, non adjustable
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