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Petersen Insulators

Petersen quote "The only fail safe rigging insulator for wire available on the market today"

Petersen Hi-MOD backstay insulators are fitted with a cleverly designed, integral internal ball-socket in the main body as part of the fail safe mechanism.

A Petersen specific Tufnol™ spacer insulates the nut from the stainless steel body, thereby preventing any electrical transference to the insulator body or the opposite terminal. Should the Tufnol™ be compromised for any reason, the nut will bottom out against the stainless housing, the backstay will lose tension, but the insulator will not fail.

If the backstay does loosen, the insulating studs will remain attached to the insulator body which will allow the rig to be tightened until the insulator can be repaired.

Insulators are available in a range of different combinations to suit any application - Hi-MOD swageless compression terminals, swage terminals, rod sockets - with eye, fork and toggle ends 

The insulator ‘Demis’ (halves) can be used in any combination for maximum flexibility.

Swage stud insulators can be provided with the two 'demis' not glued together allowing them to be swaged with a WireTeknik swaging machine. A special puller is required for this operation - please contact the Jimmy Green Rigging Team for further information.

Wire ø Pin Size Hole Size Length C Length E Length S Length F Length T Puller Code
5mm 11mm 11.1mm 106mm 107mm 101mm 121mm 147mm RIP7/16
6mm 11mm 11.1mm 110mm 107mm 101mm 121mm 147mm RIP7/16
7mm 12.7mm 12.7mm 131mm 129mm 120mm 142mm 169mm RIP1/2
8mm 14mm 14.28mm 153mm 151mm 140mm 164mm 212mm RIP5/8
10mm 16mm 16.2mm 159mm 155mm 142mm 176mm 212mm RIP5/8
12mm 19mm 19.05mm 192mm 180mm 168mm 207mm 258mm RIP3/4
14mm 22mm 22.2mm 222mm 207mm 196mm 238mm 297mm RIP7/8
16mm 25mm 25.4mm 258mm 237mm 226mm 271mm 337mm RIP1

Petersen Insulator Dimensions

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