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Jimmy Green Anchor Retainer
Jimmy Green Anchor Retainer
Jimmy Green Anchor Retainer - Bolt Detail
Jimmy Green Anchor Retainer - Carabine-Hook detail

Anchor Retention Strop

Simple wire, eye bolt and carbine hook arrangement

Prevents an embarrassing accident with your anchor

Produced to order in-house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Select by Chain Size: 8/10mm and 12mm


More Information

An Anchor retainer strop is designed to prevent any unintentional deployment of the anchor.

The Jimmy Green Chain Retainer is produced in-house from 4mm KOS wire with a talurit thimble eye at each end connected to an eye bolt and a carbine hook.

Fix the eye bolt to the deck or bulkhead, and clip the carbine hook onto one link of the chain - or through the anchor slot or anchor shackle if necessary.

Extend the wire to its fullest extent and clip it onto the most suitable link,

The thimbles are connected to an eye bolt at one end for fixing to the deck or bulkhead and a carabine hook at the other for easy attachment to your chain.

Anchor Wire Strop Specification: