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Galvanised Shackles

Galvanised Shackles are available in a standard Dee (the shape is generally more like a U) format or a more open, rounded, pear shape referred to as a Bow Shackle.

Dee shackles tend to be narrower than Bow which may be beneficial where space is restricted. The more open rounded configuration of a Bow Shackle is better suited to taking angled or lateral loads. Bow shackles are therefore generally used for Anchor and Mooring applications.

Jimmy Green Marine only offer Hot Dipped Galvanised Shackles from recognised manufacturers who publish a working load rating

Jimmy Green Marine do not supply Commercial Pattern shackles which are:

  1. Generally electro plated which is not comparable with hot dipped galvanising in terms of rust prevention
  2. Generally not available with a published load rating

A short summary of the Hot Dip Galvanising Process

  1. Preparation by Chemical Cleaning in this order:

    • Degreasant alkaline or acidic solution
    • Cold water rinse
    • Hydrochloric acid at ambient temperature
    • Flux solution (c 30% zinc ammonium chloride) 
  2.  Treatment

    Dipping in Molten Zinc precipitates a metallurgic reaction between the two metals. This creates a series of penetrative zinc/iron alloy layers. The chemical process is extremely fast but slows down after 4 or 5 minutes and as the dipped parts are withdrawn, the final layer is only molten zinc which has a bright finish when it has cooled. Hot dip galvanising is therefore more than just a surface coating. The bright zinc finish will quickly go dull with outdoor use but the galvanising is part of the steel and will withstand the rigours of a marine environment better than any cold treatment.

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