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Ankerplex® Anchor - Aluminium

Ankerplex® Anchor - Aluminium
Ankerplex® Anchor - Aluminium - crown view
Ankerplex® Anchor - Aluminium - shank view

High-performance, lightweight marine-grade aluminium anchor

Unique flat design in three parts 

Easy and quick to assemble and stow

Secured by one shackle (included)

No tools are required except a shackle key

For dinghies, boats and yachts up to 15 metres in length

Anticipated stock arrival by the end of May


More Information

Ankerplex® Aluminium Stowable Anchor

The Ankerplex Anchor is manufactured from three flat sections without welding, bending or fixing screws.

The Ankerplex Anchor parts are precision cut from marine grade aluminium to deliver a clean finish.

The Aluminium models are manufactured using Marine Grade Aluminium AL5083 and AL5754, providing mechanical resistance, lightness, and durability.

The Ankerplex concept is designed to connect easily using one shackle to secure the parts in position, forming a secure 3D unit comparable to other modern anchors.

The Ankerplex design is totally effective in terms of positioning, speed of penetration into the seabed, holding power, and resetting in changes of trajectory and wind and tide direction.

Ankerplex aluminium anchors are suitable as a kedge or spare anchor for occasional use on small craft such as kayaks, dinghies, boats and yachts up to 15 metres according to weather conditions.

The lightweight attributes of the aluminium make Ankerplex an attractive addition to your inventory wherever weight saving is important.

The huge advantage Ankerplex has over other anchors is the ease of assembly for deployment and subsequent dismantling for compact storage onboard.

The flat cut-out parts ensure easy portage and stowage, and there is an optional protective bag, which prevents it from banging and rattling while in storage. 

There are two holes in the shank used for the chain connection to optimise the angle of penetration of the Ankerplex® anchor into the seabed.

The lower hole is the most commonly used method, but when it is necessary to increase the angle of penetration of the fluke slightly, change the shackle position to the upper hole, which will increase it by +4º. The added degrees make it more suitable for soft sand or muddy sea bottoms.

Ankerplex® Stowable Aluminium Anchor Technical Facts and Features:

  • Super lightweight easy handling
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Fast deployment
  • High performance
  • Great repositioning ability in wind and tides
  • Unique flat design for easy storage
  • Seven different sizes available
  • Marine Grade sheet Aluminium AL5083 and AL5754
  • Manufactured in Spain
Ankerplex Manufacturer Aluminium Version Size Guide - According to the Weather Conditions and Boat Length
Model Weight Surface Area Kayak/Dinghy 5metres 6metres 7metres 8metres 9metres 10metres 11metres 12metres 13metres 14metres 15metres
AKP4AL 1.5kg 35000mm2

••• ••
AKP6AL 2.3kg 43200mm2

XXX ••• ••• ••
AKP9AL 4.0kg 62300mm2

XXX XXX ••• ••• ••
AKP14AL 6.1kg 75300mm2

XXX XXX ••• ••• ••
AKP17AL 7.2kg 89700mm2

XXX XXX ••• ••• ••
AKP23AL 10.6kg 98500mm2

XXX XXX ••• ••
Sufficient for daytime in good weather conditions
•• Adequate for normal, changeable conditions
••• Ankerplex Recommendation to cover all conditions
XXX Ankerplex Recommendation for a light reserve/kedge anchor 

N.B. If the deployment of an Aluminium version Ankerplex is envisioned in severe conditions, Ankerplex recommends upgrading at least one size.

Anchor Dimensions
Model Weight Shackle A B C D E F G H J
AKP4AL 1.5kg 6mm 595mm 291mm 281mm 8mm 4mm 8.5mm 8mm 297mm 142mm
AKP6AL 2.3kg 6mm 661mm 325mm 315mm 10mm 5mm 9.5mm 9mm 330mm 159mm
AKP9AL 4kg 8mm 793mm 389mm 396mm 10mm 5mm 11mm 10.5mm 396mm 189mm
AKP14AL 6.1kg 8mm 874mm 428mm 412mm 12mm 6mm 12.5mm 12mm 436mm 209mm
AKP17AL 7.2kg 8mm 952mm 467mm 450mm 12mm 6mm 13.5mm 13mm 471mm 227mm
AKP23AL 10.6kg 12mm 1000mm 491mm 481mm 15mm 8mm 14mm 13.5mm 500mm 240mm

Ankerplex Anchor Diagram

Anchor assembly demonstration video

Anchor setting video

Ankerplex Anchor - Stainless Steel

Ankerplex Anchor Stowage Bag

Size Guide

Accoring to conditions and boat length

Download (242.16KB)

Anchor Dimensions

Measurements table and diagram

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