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Ankerplex® Flat Anchor Line

Ankerplex® Flat Anchor Line
Ankerplex Flat Line as stored
Ankerplex Flat Line
Ankerplex Flat Line with anchor

25 metres 15mm PES polyester webbing

with a sewn loop one end cow hitched to:

3 metres of 4mm stainless steel chain

and a s/s shackle for connecting to the anchor

Winding Spool included

Ideal for smaller boats, dinghies and kayaks

In stock


More Information

Ankerplex® Flat Anchor Line

The Ankerplex Flat Line comprises a 25-metre length of high visibility orange, UV-resistant PES polyester webbing with a machine-stitched loop cow hitched to 3 metres of 4mm stainless steel chain wound onto a useful retrieval and deployment storage reel.

The Ankerplex Flat Line is supplied in high-visibility orange.

Ankerplex Flat Line Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Neat, tidy and easy to store
  • High Load Capacity - Breaking Strain >600kg
  • 25 metres 15mm wide UV-resistant PES webbing
  • High Visibility Orange
  • Depth Markings on webbing
  • Machine stitched loop for attaching chain
  • 3 metres Stainless steel 4mm chain
  • Stainless Shackle for attaching to Ankerplex