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Anchor Buddy CAB30
Anchor Buddy Rope only

Improves the holding power of your anchor

Requires additional anchor line to suspend buddy from bow.

9kg for use with rope only

up to 15kg for use with rope and chain - supplied empty requires filling with lead shot


More Information

The Anchor Buddy is also know as the Kiwi Anchor Rider.

An Anchor Buddy anchor weight holds the chain and the shank of the anchor on the seabed. It changes the angle of pull on the anchor, making it horizontal, which helps it dig in, rather than vertical, which raises the shank and is one of the reasons an anchor drags. If you worry whether the anchor will hold if the wind gets up and you are out cruising, then the Anchor Buddy is an essential boat safety accessory for you. This proven anchoring system will almost double the holding power of your anchor and make you feel secure when it blows.

Up to 15kg product details:

  • The Rope and chain version is supplied empty and requires weight shot to be added to increase the weight
  • The maximum 15kg can only be achieved with fine diameter shot.
  • The maximum diameter shot that can be used easily with a funnel will be 4mm.
  • The Buddy is filled in two halves, simply remove the grubber scews to fill.
  • Opening diameter is 10mm.
  • Maximum chain diameter 10mm
  • Maximum rope diameter 18mm

9kg version product details:

  • The 9kg version is suitable for use with rope warps. Ideal for kedge warps that have minimal chain at the bitter end.
  • The unit is supplied full, no filling required
  • Operates in the same way as the 15kg version
  • Maximum rope size is 16mm.

Tests done by the Royal Navy on what causes anchors to drag show that:

"if the shank of the anchor has risen 10 degrees off the sea bed, the anchor's maximum holding power is down to 60%. At 15 degrees it is further reduced to only 40% of its maximum holding power" (sourced from the Admiralty Manual of Seamanship Vol.2)

Independent gear test by Editor of Boating World magazine:

"I dived down to see the Anchor Buddy working. The angle change of the rode induced by the Buddy was significant - I estimated it to be between 20 and 30 degrees. The weight was serving as a spring, absorbing the weight of the boat in the gusts and leaving the critical section of the rode leading to the anchor unmoved. I took the Buddy off and dived back down to see the difference. The length of rode on the bottom was some three metres less, but more importantly, the movement of the rode was more pronounced, as was the movement across the bottom as the boat swung - just the things that are likely to pop an anchor in questionable holding. I WAS SOLD!"