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Barton Deck Organiser - 2 sheave

Barton Deck Organiser - 2 sheave

Designed for use when leading control lines and halyards across the coach roof and back to the cockpit.


More Information
  • This range features aluminium contruction with 'spectro' grey anodised finish
  • Sheaves are from moulded acetal with hollow stainless rivets to allow easy and tidy fitting
  • Available with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 sheaves
  • Max line diameter: 12mm
  • Fastening size: 6mm
Type Length Width Height Weight Part No.
2 Sheave 115mm 28mm 25mm 0.108kg 81582
3 Sheave 157mm 28mm 25mm 0.155kg 81583
4 Sheave 200mm 28mm 25mm 0.2kg 81584
5 Sheave 244mm 28mm 25mm 0.244kg 81585
6 Sheave 287mm 28mm 25mm 0.295kg 81586
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