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Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Long Eye
Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Long Eye
Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Long Eye

Quick-Fit, Self-Fit, DIY Wire Termination

Secure, reliable connection

Corrosion resistant

Simple in-situ installation, onboard on the hard and on the water

No special tools required, just a pair of spanners

Highly polished AISI 316 stainless steel

The extra length compensates for cutting out a damaged terminal or section of wire


Please enquire about lead times

More Information

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Long Eye Terminal - an excellent addition to your rigging onboard spares kit.

The extra length is invaluable in bridging the gap when a broken wire in the rigging causes the stay to be too short when you have cut out the failure point.

Blue Wave Denmark offers a secure, reliable, and corrosion-resistant range of self-fit cone terminals manufactured from brushed, highly polished AISI 316 Stainless Steel.

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Terminals are extremely popular for marine rigging. They feature a stainless steel cone inserted over the wire's central core after opening the outer strands.

Blue Wave Swageless Self-Fit Cone Terminals are adaptable to Standard 1x19, 7x19, 7x7, or Compacted Strand (formerly known as Dyform) wire constructions, making them ideal for emergency repairs or as a viable alternative to professional roller swaging termination.

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Terminals Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Lloyds Approved
  • Brushed, highly polished Marine Grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured by Blue Wave on state-of-the-art machinery in their Danish production facility
  • Stringent in-house quality control for quality reassurance
  • Quick and simple termination
  • Tools Required: a pair of standard spanners
  • Obviates the need for specialist swaging machines
  • In situ installation, ideal for onboard repairs and complete rerigs
  • Adaptable to all standard marine wire construction: 1x19, 7x19, 7x7 or Dyform/Compacted wire 

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Terminals are Ideal for Marine Onboard Installation

The key advantage of Blue Wave Swageless Self-Fit Cone Terminals is their effortless installation process, eliminating the need to unlay the wire. This feature is particularly beneficial for onboard applications, where swift and uncomplicated in-situ wire termination is a real bonus. With the added assurance of Lloyds approval, these terminals can be fitted in a matter of seconds, providing a secure, durable solution.

Blue Wave Installation Recommendations:

  • Avoid damaging the thread by overtightening
  • Apply Loc-Tite or a similar anti-loosening thread solution.
  • Rinse regularly with fresh water
  • Spray regularly with WD40 or similar water-repellent lubricant
  • Avoid applying a sealant to any part of the swageless terminal

Blue Wave Fitting Instructions and Datasheets are available to view in Downloads above.

Blue Wave Swageless Terminal Internal View

Bluewave Cone Terminal Long Eye Dimensions

Blue Wave Wire Ø D T KW L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 MBL
BW-SC821306-L 6mm 13mm 10mm 17mm 188mm 38mm 14mm 34mm 136mm 5000kg
BW-SC821307-L 7mm 13mm 10mm 19mm 212mm 46mm 15mm 38mm 153mm 6000kg
BW-SC821608-L 8mm 16.5mm 12mm 22mm 252mm 54mm 19mm 46mm 180mm 8000kg
BW-SC821910-L 10mm 19.5mm 16mm 27mm 319mm 64mm 21mm 53mm 235mm 11000kg
BW-SC821912-L 12mm 19.5mm 16mm 33mm 362mm 82mm 21mm 56mm 262mm 17000kg

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load

Blue Wave Swageless

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Terminal Data Sheet

Download (940.47KB)

Blue Wave Self-Fit

Blue Wave Swageless Cone Quick-Fit Installation Instructions

Download (243KB)