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Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Long Eye
Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Long Eye
Bluewave Stainless Steel Swageless Cone Long Eye

Secure, reliable connection

Corrosion resistant

Simple installation, even at sea

Extra long for replacing damaged section

No special tools required

Highly polished AISI316 stainless steel


Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery

More Information

Bluewave swageless self-fit cone terminals are manufactured from marine grade AISI stainless steel in the Bluewave factory, based in Denmark, subject to the most stringent quality control.

Bluewave warn against damaging the thread by overtightening and advise the use of Loc-Tite or similar solution on the thread.

Fresh water rinsing and spraying with WD40 or similar water repellent lubricant are advised for routine maintenance.

The use of any sealant in the fitting is NOT recommended.

The long eye is an excellent addition to your rigging onboard spares kit.

The extra length is invaluable in bridging the gap when a broken wire in the rigging results in the stay being a bit short when you have cut out the failure point.

Bluewave Cone Terminal Long Eye Dimensions

BluewaveWire ØD mmT mmKW mmL1 mmL2 mmL3 mmL4 mmL5 mmMBL
BW-SC821306-L 6mm 13 10 17 188 38 14 34 136 5000
BW-SC821307-L 7mm 13 10 19 212 46 15 38 153 6000
BW-SC821608-L 8mm 16.5 12 22 252 54 19 46.0 180 8000
BW-SC821910-L 10mm 19.5 16 27 319 64 21 53 235 1100
BW-SC821912-L 12mm 19.5 16 33 362 82 21 56 262 17000

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load