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Majoni Narrow Boat Fenders, Black and Navy
Majoni Narrow Boat Fender - Black
Majoni Narrow Boat Fender - Black - Side view
Majoni Narrow Boat Fenders, Black and Navy

Long and flat for barges and narrow boats

Ideal for inland waterways

Majoni replaceable brass valve

Available in Black or Navy

With or without spliced lanyards

Size: 45cm x 12cm x 6cm


More Information

Flat fenders are excellent on narrow boats because they take up much less storage room than a conventional round fender when you are underway.
Once docked, the fenders allow the narrow boat to get a little closer to the bank/pontoon making access easier.

Optional Spliced Lanyards

Jimmy Green fender lanyards are spliced and finished in house to our exacting standard.
Each lanyard is spliced directly onto the rope eye in one end. The other end is finished off with a neat heat sealing.

All Jimmy Green Fender Lanyards are produced from Top Quality LIROS 3 strand Polyester.
Available in Black, Navy or White

Majoni Flat Narrowboat Fenders complete with top quality LIROS 3 strand polyester lanyards spliced directly onto the eye of the fender by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team:

Fender Lanyard Rope Colours to match as close as possible to the fenders:

Fender Colour Lanyard Colour
Black Black
Navy Navy

Fender lanyards are produced to order and subject to splicing/rigging lead times.
It is therefore possible to stipulate a different colour, length or diameter by email if required.

Jimmy Green Majoni Narrow Boat Lanyard Specification:

  • Top Quality Liros 3 strand polyester spliced directly onto the eye of the fender by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team
  • Each splice consists of 4 full tucks and a taper tuck
  • Neat heat sealing to the other end
Majoni Dimensions Spliced Lanyard
Flat Narrowboat 45cm x 12cm x 6cm 1.5m x 8mm

Dimensions = fender overall length x fender width x fender depth 
Lanyard = lanyard length x rope diameter


Alternatively, if you prefer the flexibility of attaching and detaching your lanyards:

Jimmy Green Fender lanyards offer a simple method of fitting spliced ropes to your fenders:


  • Colour - Navy
  • Colour - Black
fender flutes, pair
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Fender Flutes

Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Adaptor - unscrewed
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LIROS 8mm 3 Strand Polyester Fender Lanyards
Jimmy Green Fender Lanyards - White, Navy, Black
Majoni Slim Narrow Boat Fenders, Black and Navy
Jimmy Green Braid on Braid Polyester Fender Lanyards NAVY
Majoni Fender Brass Inflation Valve
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