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Marlow Ropes

Marlow Ropes are manufacturers of Top Quality Yacht Ropes, produced in their own facility in Hailsham, Sussex UK.

Jimmy Green Marine have been close business partners with Marlow Ropes since the 1980s.

Jimmy Green Marine stock a comprehensive range of high-tech modern ropes from the Marlow Range for Running Rigging

Use our filters and sub categories to select a suitable line for your application: Cruising, Performance Cruising, Racing or Extreme Performance

Jimmy Green Marine also stock the full spectrum of ropes suitable for dinghy racing and cruising.

Dinghy Rope - Marlow Selection Guide

Jimmy Green Marine generally set the benchmark prices for Marlow Ropes based on Marlow's own Recommended Retail Price

Custom build rope products generally contain a significant element of the Jimmy Green Splicing Service and therefore discounts may be applied as a promotion or according to the season.

50 metre hanks and 100 metre reels are offered at a reduced rate per metre and those prices are generally constant throughout the calendar year.

Marlow Ropes
50 metre Hank Deal - Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78
Hank - 50 m Marlow D2 Racing 78
Marlow Excel Control - 50m Hank Deal
Marlow Excel D12 SK78 - 50m Hank Deal
Marlow D12 Max 78 hank
Marlow Excel Fusion 50m Hank Deal
Marlow Excel Marstron Plus - 50m Hank Deal
Marlow Excel Pro - 50m Hank Deal
50 Metre Hank Deal - Marlow Excel R8
Marlow Excel Racing - 50m Hank Deal
Marlow Excel Racing GP78 orange- 50m Hank Deal
Hank  50m Marlow Excel V12