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Chain Rivet Link - stainless steel
Chain Rivet Link - stainless steel

For joining chain

Secured by peening 4 rivets

Single non calibrated link

Inside width x inside length:

6mm:   10mm x 20mm
8mm:   11mm x 23mm
10mm: 14mm x 28mm


More Information

Stainless Steel Chain Joining Rivet Link

Link the 2 parts through the ends of your chain and then hammer the rivet ends over so that the link cannot come apart.

Stainless steel welding the 2 parts together is advisable to ensure peace of mind.

Based on the fact that the join is only one link, the closeness to DIN766 calibrated chain dimensions should mean that the link will run through a gypsy without any issues, but it is not guaranteed

As with all stainless in contact with galvanised steel, the area should be checked at regular intervals for signs of metallurgic reaction.

Chain Rivet Link - Dimensions
Size Inside Width Inside Length
6mm 10mm 20mm
8mm 11mm 23mm
10mm 14mm 28mm

Size refers to approximate thickness of joined bar
All lengths are approximate

Please note that Jimmy Green Marine do not recommend joining chain where the connection is load critical or a matter of safety.