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AnchoRight 8mm Chain Markers - Some Colours
AnchoRight 8mm Chain Markers - demo
AnchoRight 8mm Chain Markers - fitting demo
AnchoRight 8mm Chain Markers - demo with guide plate
AnchoRight 8mm Chain Markers
AnchoRight 8mm Chain Markers

7 Colours -  5 of each (35 markers)

Secure fit - they won't pop out accidentally

Easy to put in and fix with a Phillips screwdriver - Screws included

Clear, configurable guide plate included

Compatible with your windlass or bow roller

Select a pack according to chain size.


More Information

AnchoRight Anchor Chain Markers Rainbow Colours Sets for 8mm, 10mm 12mm, and 14mm

AnchoRight Anchor Chain Markers are an innovative, improved concept that is more robust and secure and doesn't accidentally pop out under duress.

Anchoright Chain Markers are designed not to pop out from the links once fitted.

So whether passing through a windlass, dragging on the seabed floor or piling up in the anchor locker, the Anchoright Chain Markers stay put for seasons.

Fitting the Chain Markers is simple - firmly press the two halves together and secure them with the marine-steel screw provided.

AnchorRight Chain Markers have a unique patent-pending design feature which successfully addresses the issue of generic plastic markers tending to fall out over time.

The two parts are securely fastened together with a self-tapping screw to create a durable, firm and secure grip in each link.

A guide plate is included, which provides the components to formulate the plate in seconds - enabling you to choose your colour sequence and numbers or use the suggested guidelines below.

These innovative markers are ideal for helping everyone on board to see how much chain has been paid out.

Chain markers are made of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), a cornstarch-based polymer that behaves like Plastic but is made from renewable resources and is more biodegradable than typical plastics. PLA is considered to have a similar environmental impact as composting wood

AnchoRight Chain Markers Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • 7 Colours -  5 of each (35 markers)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install on deck – only a screwdriver is required
  • AnchoRight markers will not pop out accidentally because they are fastened into each link with a self-tapping screw
  • Cleaner and easier than paint solutions
  • Maintenance-free, just fit and forget
  • Secure fixing method
  • Simple and easy to fit using a Phillips screwdriver
  • Corn-based polymer, more biodegradable than typical plastics
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Brightly coloured
  • Five markers of each colour
  • 316 stainless steel screws are supplied for securing each marker
  • Customisable guide plate to mark 4-12 positions on your chain

Guide Plate Instructions

How to mark your chain

AnchoRight Instructional Video

Chain Marker Interval Options 

Option 1 – Mark the first 20 metres in 5-metre intervals and in 10-metre intervals after that (5m+10m)

Option 2 – Mark in 10-metre intervals only (10m)

Chain Marking Guide
Chain Length Interval Options Number of positions marked Intervals to mark
Anchor 5m 10m 15m 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 70m 80m 90m 100m 110m 120m
50 metres 1 (5m+10m) 8 (40 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink Orange Navy
2 (10m) 6 (30 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink
60 metres 1 (5m+10m) 9 (45 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink Orange Navy Ivory
2 (10m) 7 (35 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink Red
80 metres 1 (5m+10m) 11 (55 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink Orange Navy Ivory Olive Mauve
2 (10m) 9 (45 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink Orange Navy Brown
100 metres 1 (5m+10m)
2 (10m) 11 (55 markers) Red Yellow Blue White Green Pink Orange Navy Ivory Olive Mauve

The Red chain marker is used at the end of the chain as a warning colour that the anchor is close to mounting the bow roller - this gives the user a chance to clean it off if necessary and slow down the retrieval to avoid any unwanted crashes.

Please get in touch if you require any other number of positions from 4 up to 13 with contrasting colours available.