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Colligo Marine Cheeky Tangs
Colligo Marine Cheeky Tangs
Colligo Marine Cheeky Tangs
Colligo Marine Cheeky Tangs

Optimum mast attachment fitting for fibre rigging

Select by Line Diameter and single or double sheave

Bolt not included

Larger sizes available by enquiry


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Colligo Marine Cheeky Tangs represent the optimum lightweight, no-moving-parts fitting to attach fibre rigging to the mast with a simple spliced loop.

Cheeky Tangs are essentially through-bolt custom cheek blocks mounted on the side of your mast.

The tangs feature a locking screw to prevent the loop from flapping loose and a thin rubber, insulating gasket.

Colligo Cheeky tangs on a mast

By using Cheeky Tang®️ fittings, you're eliminating one link in the rigging chain.

Typically, on a standard thru-bolt mast tang, the bolt itself is the first link in the chain.

Stainless straps are fitted to the bolt, which accepts the clevis pin to attach the wire rigging.

By using Cheeky Tang®️ fittings, you can eliminate that clevis pin, essentially splicing the Dux right to the bolt and removing one link in the chain for simplicity and robustness.

They're also ideal for installing running backstays and inner forestays.

5-9mm line - up to 1/2''bolt

9-11mm line - up to 5/8'' bolt