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Petersen Crown Rings
Petersen Crown Rings

Essential component for Hi-Mod fittings

N.B. Compact Strand Stainless Steel Wire

Match the rings to your wire diameter

Stops strands getting stuck in the cone slots

Notches help to confirm correct assembly

Re-usable, if undamaged


More Information

These crown rings are designed and manufactured specifically for Compact Strand stainless steel rigging wire.

They do not work for standard 1x19 rigging wire

Petersen Crown Rings are a unique development in swageless terminal design.

Crown rings are used in Petersen compression terminals for three purposes:

  1. Acts as a spacer between the cone/wedge and the fitting
  2. Prevents the strands getting stuck in the cone slots
  3. Unique to the Petersen crown ring - the wire strands are held neatly spaced in the notches, so that the distance between each strand remains equal even after the fitting is tightened up.

Unlike other brands, Petersen crown rings are re-usable.

Assuming there is no damage, Petersen Hi-Mod terminals can be completely disassembled for inspection and the same parts re-used.