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Eco-Friendly Products

Team Jimmy Green are very aware of the impact our activities have on the earth and its resources.

We are committed to minimising any negative effect and preserving the environment around us as much as possible.

We are continually searching for new ideas which meet our eco-friendly criteria.

This category primarily encompasses new products which replace the older more traditional ways of tackling safety and maintenance concerns in a marine environment.

  • Ecoworks Marine - cleaners that preserve the living seas
  • Firestick - eco-friendly alternative to traditional fire extinguishers

Jimmy Green Marine also offer Marlow Blue Ocean Dockline, a perfectly serviceable line produced from 100% recycled polyester yarn and also recyclable at the end of its working life. We are delighted to offer products from companies that take their own environmental impact seriously. cromox are a premium quality producer of stainless steel chain. Being mindful of their environmental responsibilities has led them to take several steps towards reducing their impact by;

  • Using renewable energies for production
  • Purchasing raw materials only from companies that also produce in an environmentally conscious way
  • Switching the lighting in the entire company to energy-efficient LED lamps
  • Building a new aluminium roof with an average insulation of 350mm to save energy costs
  • Installing a central water cooling system, which delivers recycled water according to demand
  • Installing a central extraction system that cleans the smoke from welding to 99.9%. In winter this system has a heat recovery system.

Environmental Mission Statement

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Eco Friendly Product
Fire Safety Sticks

Eco Friendly Product
Marlow 8mm Blue Ocean Doublebraid - Sheets, Halyards, Control Lines

Eco Friendly Product

Eco Friendly Product
Marlow 10mm Blue Ocean Doublebraid - Sheets, Halyards, Control Lines

Eco Friendly Product
Marlow 12mm Blue Ocean Doublebraid - Sheets, Halyards, Control Lines

Eco Friendly Product
Hempel Prop Primer
View +

Eco Friendly Product
Hempel Ecopower Prop

Eco Friendly Product

Eco Cleaning Sanitiser
View +

Clearance Eco Cleaning Sanitiser

£8.70 -£2.20


Eco Friendly Product

Ecoworks Drain Cleaner
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Clearance Eco Drain Cleaner

£17.90 -£3.90


Eco Friendly Product
Marlow 16mm Blue Ocean Dockline Warps

Eco Friendly Product
Marlow 14mm Blue Ocean Braided Dockline Warps

Eco Friendly Product
Marlow 12mm Blue Ocean Dockline Mooring Warps

Eco Friendly Product

Ecoworks Washroom and Head Cleaner
View +

Clearance Eco Washroom and Head Cleaner

£18.40 -£3.90