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automatic light for offshore danbuoy with adaptor
automatic light for offshore danbuoy with adaptor

ACR manufacture

Intense LED light

Light connector to the danbuoy included

Danbuoy spacer and batteries are available separately

Scroll down for details on each option


More Information

The slim profile, lightweight design of the Jimmy Green modified ACR C Light fits onto the top of the current model Jimmy Green 3-piece Telescopic Danbuoy.

Jimmy Green/ACR Offshore Danbuoy Light Features:

  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant case
  • Top cap engaged by a special pin, which prevents accidental disassembly
  • Twist ON/OFF control overridden by automatic switch assembly adaptation
  • Intense LED light with a twinkling effect visible for up to two miles depending upon conditions
  • Lens simultaneously focuses a beam of light straight ahead and a ring of light all around
  • Multi-faceted refracting lens intensifies light up to 20 times brighter at the horizon and 75 times at the vertical cone of light
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries, not included
  • Approximate Light and Connector overall dimensions: 145mm x 30mm Diameter
  • Approximate Light Connector Diameter: Outside 26mm; Inside 22mm
  • Approximate Danbuoy Spacer inside diameter: 19mm

AA Batteries - Pack of Four are available to purchase online.

If you have an older JGM model with a Plastimo automatic light fitted, we may be able to supply the necessary parts to change to the ACR version.
Please bring the danbuoy back for inspection or send detailed photos of the existing arrangement.
N.B. If it is possible, it will not be a straightforward swap and will require some ingenuity and practical skills to fit items 2 and 3 below.

The danbuoy spacer tube is for sleeving onto the top of the danbuoy so that the light connector will fit.
The ingenuity required is in making each tube or adaptor fit snugly to the part inside to ensure a firm grip, e.g. danbuoy spacer tube to the top of the danbuoy
This can be achieved in various ways, e.g. insulation tape, a gap-filling sealant or adhesive that sets to a firm consistency or a combination of the two.

Select from the following options:

  1. Light connector only: 1 x pre-drilled white tube connector and a rivet
  2. Danbuoy spacer: 1 x pre-drilled tube spacer and a rivet for adapting the top of the danbuoy to fit the connector
  3. Auto Light and Connector: 1 x modified ACR light including automatic activation line, 1 x light connector, N.B. no spacer

Offshore Danbuoy Automatic Light Instructions