Offshore Danbuoy Automatic Light

Jimmy Green Offshore Danbuoy Automatic Light, an ACR C-Light adapted by Jimmy Green Marine to facilitate immediate deployment 

£ 27.00 VAT incl.

£ 30.00


The slim lightweight design fits onto the top of the current model Jimmy Green 3 piece Telescopic Danbuoy (August 2015)

Waterproof and corrosion-resistant case
Top cap engaged by special pin which prevents accidental disassembly
Twist ON/OFF control overridden by automatic switch assembly
Intense incandescent light with twinkling effect visible for up to two miles depending upon conditions
Lens simultaneously focuses a beam of light straight ahead and a ring of light all around
Multi-faceted refracting lens intensifies light up to 20 times brighter at the horizon and 75 times at the vertical cone of light
Supplied ready to use with 2 x Duracell AA batteries included

Approximate Light and Adaptor overall dimensions: 145mm x 30mm Dia.
Approximate Adaptor Diameter: Outside 26mm; Inside 22mm

If you have an older model with a Plastimo automatc light fitted we may be able to supply the necessary parts to change to the ACR version

Offshore Danbuoy ACR Light Instructions

Offshore Danbuoy Instructions