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Danbuoy Flag
Danbuoy Flag

For all Jimmy Green Danbuoys

Flag protection solutions are available


More Information

Spare danbuoy flags are available in different sizes to fit all Jimmy Green Danbuoys

Jimmy Green Danbuoy Flags, Facts and Features:

  • Orange proven the best high visibility colour in PBO Test
  • Light weight maintains stability in heavy seas
  • Orange Ripstop nylon (spinnaker fabric)
  • Sewn sleeve to drop over the top of the danbuoy
  • Designed to be glued in place with a high specification contact adhesive

For example:

Bostik Contact Adhesive

Maximum danbuoy tube diameter to fit in sewn sleeve:
Inshore and Coastal Flag = 10mm
Offshore and Ocean Flag = 25mm

These spare flags are ideal for replacing worn or uv degraded existing flags with bright orange alternatives.
Once replaced, why not try one of our flag protecting solutions to improve the lifespan of your new flag.

Flags on the Inshore and Coastal Danbuoys can be protected with our Danbuoy Flag Protector (tube assembly)

Flags on the Offshore and Ocean Danbuoys (where a light is fitted) can be protected by the Danbuoy Flag Release Strap (velcro).

Both solutions prevent flogging in the breeze and allow swift unravelling upon deployment.

Danbuoy Flag Protector
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