Barton Size 0 Ball Bearing Blocks - 5mm

Clearance Barton Size 0 Ball Bearing Blocks - 5mm

Maximum line size 5mm

Stylish and Versatile

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£ 8.90


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Barton Size 0 Ball Bearing blocks feature high-quality injection moulded side plates.

All load-carrying components are assembled using 316 grade stainless steel.

Side plates are through-bolted and riveted for added strength and security.

Max line diameter: 5mm
SWL: 130kg

DescriptionPart no.Length (mm)Weight (g)
Single fixed eye1011039.113
Single fixed eye with becket1011152.217
Single swivel1013053.818
Single swivel with becket101312520
Cheek 101605515
Stand up101704723
Single swivel becket (no shackle)1019152.818
Double fixed eye1021050.433
Double fixed eye with becket1021163.537
Double swivel1023065.838
Double swivel with becket102314742
Triple fixed eye1031050.448
Triple fixed eye with becket1031163.552
Triple swivel with becket103316457
Triple fixed eye with becket + cam1051171.796
Triple swivel with becket + cam10931110102

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