6mm DIN766 Stainless Steel Calibrated Anchor Chain

AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Manufactured to DIN766 / ISO4565
18.5mm Pitch x 6mm Diameter

Stamped OSC at regular intervals

Select a continuous length up to 100 metres

Price per metre

£ 13.25 inc VAT

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Osculati 6mm stainless steel grade 3 anchor chain is suitable for anchor rodes on small boats, and compatible with 8mm or 10mm anchor warp.

Osculati have this chain stamped with their OSC hallmark once every metre as testament to their belief in the manufacturing quality.

Osculati Stainless Steel Chain Facts, Features and Plus Factors:
  • Manufactured on automatic chain making machines from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Calibrated during manufacture, then proof load tested at the end of the process.
  • Suitable for use in a salt water environment
  • Finish: tumble polished
  • Osculati part number = 01.375.06
  • Osculati Minimum Break Load = 1630kg
  • Spliceable to 10mm Anchorplait or 3 strand warp

This chain is sourced from Osculati, a well known marine distributor and manufacturer, based in Italy.

The Osculati Hallmark, illustrated below, is their mark of quality and provenance

Osculati Hallmark

Osculati 6mm calibrated stainless steel chain dimensions:
Lalizas 6mm stainless steel chain dimensions
A = 6mm
B = 18.5mm
C = 20mm
D = 8mm
E = 30.5mm

Osculati 6mm calibrated stainless steel chain specifications:
  • Osculati Working Load = 509kg
  • Weight per metre = 0.8kg

Osculati Chain

- Stainless steel quality datasheet

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