Galvanised Shackles - Certified Green Pin

Certified with Van Beest Green Pin

Manufactured to EN13889 with a 6:1 safety factor

Much stronger than standard galvanised shackles due to a narrower jaw width and thicker pin diameter

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Green Pin Shackles

Green Pin Shackles feature a hot dip galvanised body and a zinc plated pin. The pin is zinc plated to make it easier to paint with the Van Beest trademark Green colour. 

Green pin certified shackles are much stronger than standard galvanised shackles due to a narrower jaw width and thicker pin diameter

Manufactured in the Netherlands by Van Beest to EN13889 with a 6:1 safety factor

Each shackle is supplied with a certificate of conformity

ItemWorking Load LimitSafety FactorEstimated Break LoadChain Size
5mm Bow and D0.33 tonx 62 ton6mm
7mm Bow and D0.5 tonx 63 ton7mm
9mm Bow and D0.75 tonx 64.5 ton8mm
10mm Bow and D1 tonx 66 ton10mm
11mm Bow and D1.5 tonx 69 ton10/12mm
13mm Bow and D2 tonx 612 ton13/14mm
16mm Bow and D3.25 tonx 619.5 tonGround
19mm Bow and D4.75 tonx 628.5 tonGround
22mm Bow and D6.5 tonx 639 tonGround
25mm Bow and D8.5 tonx 651 tonGround

Material: bow and pin high tensile steel, Grade 6, quenched and tempered

Safety Factor: Manufacturer Break Load = 6 x Working Load Limit

Standard : EN 13889 and meets performance requirements of US Fed. Spec. RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 2, Grade A

Shackle body finish : hot dipped galvanised
Shackle pin finish : Green Powder Coated

Temperature Range : -20°C up to +200°C

Certificates : a works certificate is supplied as standard, a certificate of basic raw material, manufacturer test certificate and/or EC declaration of conformity is also available on request

Unlike standard galvanised shackles, use the same size as the chain (because the pin is one size larger)

Bow Shackle Dimensions:

Item (A)Pin Dia (B)Jaw width (C)Internal (D)Chain Size
5mm Bow6mm9.5mm22mm6mm
7mm Bow8mm12mm29mm7mm
9mm Bow10mm13.5mm32mm8mm
10mm Bow11mm17mm36.5mm10mm
11mm Bow13mm19mm43mm10/12mm
13mm Bow16mm22mm51mm13/14mm
16mm Bow19mm27mm64mmGround
19mm Bow22mm31mm76mmGround
22mm Bow25mm36mm83mmGround
25mm Bow28mm43mm95mmGround

D Shackle Dimensions:

Item (A)Pin Dia (B)Jaw width (C)Internal (D)Chain Size
5mm D6mm9.5mm22mm6mm
7mm D8mm12mm29mm7mm
9mm D10mm13.5mm32mm8mm
10mm D11mm17mm36.5mm10mm
11mm D13mm19mm43mm10mm, 12mm
13mm D16mm22mm51mm12mm, 13mm
16mm D19mm27mm64mmGround
19mm D22mm31mm76mmGround

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