Harken 57mm Black Magic Blocks

Use 57mm Black Magic AirBlocks on offshore boats.

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£ 130.00


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These strong, lightweight blocks are made from sculpted aluminium, with Torlon rollers and carbon side load ball bearings for strength and UV protection. Rollers are housed in a unique centre cage and are isolated for less friction. These blocks feature a 3-way head system and high/low load configurations.

The 3195 soft attachment block has a removable dead end post for attachment to a padeye. Lashings can also be used. Loop is not included.

57mm Black Magic is suitable for use on:
Running Backstays
Control Lines

ItemBreak LoadSafe LoadMax Line DiaWeightPart No
Single swivel1500kg750kg12 mm142g3226
Single swivel becket1500kg750kg12 mm155g3229
Double swivel2500kg1250kg12 mm286g3228
Triple swivel4400kg2200kg12 mm375g3219
High-load single swivel2268kg1134kg12 mm142g3215
High-load single swivel becket2268kg1134kg12 mm155g3216
High-load double swivel3267kg1633kg12 mm286g3217
High-load double swivel becket3267kg1633kg12 mm302g3218
High-load stand-up2268kg1134kg12 mm210g3227
Loop Block2268kg1134kg12 mm92g3214

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