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Harken Winch Grease

Harken Winch Grease

Protects moving winch parts

Non-ageing formula

Highly adhesive synthetic lubricant

Do not grease pawls, springs or balls

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More Information

Harken High Performance White Winch Grease

Manufactured in the USA by Fuchs, product name: FM Grease AX/EP 2

The main constituents are white mineral oil, aluminium soap, polyisobutylene, zinc compound and calcium carbonate.

Which parts need grease and which parts need oil on my Harken winches?

Grease all metal gears and roller bearings with Harken Winch Grease.
White grease is insoluble in water so it is resistant to both salt and fresh water.
Harken grease works in all temperatures and protects against corrosion.

Do not grease pawls or springs because grease causes them to stick.
Lubricate pawls and springs with Harken Pawl Oil to maximise and maintain free-running winch rotation.

N.B. composite roller bearings do not require either grease or oil e.g. on Radial winches.