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Harken Winch Service Kits

Harken Winch Service Kits
Harken Winch Service Kits

Replacement Harken pawls and springs

Check below for the correct kit

Never grease pawls or springs

Lubricate with pawl oil
(not applicable to composite bearings)


More Information

Harken recommend an annual pre-season service as a minimum and a second mid-season maintenance check for any yacht based in sea water.
Harken advise frequent flushing with fresh water, driving out dirt and salt-water to preserve smooth operation.

BK4512 is the most popular kit on cruising yachts

BK4512 includes: 10 x pawls, 20 x springs

  • Radial winches: 2-speed: 15 - 70.2, Rewind, UniPower
  • Performa winches: 20
  • Classic winches: B6 - B980 Fits custom/racing winches 1000.3

BK4515 includes: 10 x 17-4PH pawls, 20 x springs

  • Radial winches: 80
  • Performa winches: 80
  • Racing winches: 880-1150

BK4516 includes: 10 x 17-4PH pawls, 20 x springs

  • Radial winches: 60.3 - 70.3
  • Performa winches: 35-70, Quattro
  • Racing winches: 50-650, Air Winches

NB: Custom and racing winch service kits might not include all the pawls needed. Please enquire for detailed information

Maintenance is required immediately if:

Ratcheting seems sluggish or sticky: Pawls may have been greased instead of oiled. Clean any grease off and then oil the pawls.

Winch doesn’t turn freely: Refer to winch manual and clean, grease, and oil winch. Check for damaged springs, pawls, or bearings to make sure nothing else is wrong.

Winch can be turned in both directions: Problem with the pawls. May be stuck in grease or damaged.

Inspect Carefully for:

  • Signs of damage, wear or corrosion on pawls and springs, bearings, gears, and spindles. Replace immediately.
  • Loose or missing deck mounting fasteners.