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Stainless steel electro polished rings
Stainless steel electro polished rings

Marine grade AISI 316

Polished finish

Circle joined by stainless weld

Various diameters and gauges

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Stainless steel rings, marine grade AISI316, polished finish, available in a variety of sizes and gauges

Stainless Steel Ring Specifications
Part Number Material Diameter Internal Diameter
APL-SSRR425 4mm 25mm
APL-SSRR440 4mm 40mm
APL-SSRR550 5mm 50mm
PRB-ED-102913 6mm 30mm
APL-SSRR645 6mm 45mm
PRB-ED-102920 8mm 40mm
APL-SSRR855 8mm 55mm
APL-SSRR880 8mm 80mm