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Osculati Pen Knives

Osculati Pen Knives
Osculati Pen Knife Yellow
Osculati Pen Knife - Blade Open -Yellow
Osculati Pen Knife Open - Yellow

Pocket size, onboard essential for all sailors

Serrated blade

Shackle key and marlin spike

Handy lanyard attachment ring

Available in 3 colours


More Information

Osculati Sailing Knife and Multi-Purpose Tool

Osculati Pocket Sailing Knives are handy multi-purpose tools that combine a stainless steel serrated blade with a useful shackle key, and a marlin spike for loosening the tightest of knots.

The handle has a handy lanyard attachment ring to keep it secure.

Available in 3 colours: Blue, Orange, and Yellow

Every good boatman or boatswain (bosun) carries a knife :-)