Lewmar Windlass Control Box

Also known as a Relay/Solenoid/Contactor

12 volt or 24 volt

Sealed or Boxed Unit

See chart below to match the correct part number to your windlass installation

£ 96.00 inc VAT

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Lewmar Windlass Control Box, also referred to as a solenoid, contactor or a relay, is an essential component in a wiring loop for operating a remote windlass control from the cabin or cockpit

The internal switches are designed to simplify and speed up the electrical connections that they serve.

Lewmar Control Box features:

  • 12V or 24V
  • Sealed resin casing or Waterproof box unit
  • Corrosion Resistant

Check the chart below to select the correct Control Box for your windlass installation:

Lewmar Sealed Unit Contactors
Part NumberSealed ContactorsPower SupplySuitable for Windlass model
68000937Compact Dual12VVX/RX2/3 - CPX0 - CPX1 - CPX2/3 - V1 - V2/3
68000938Compact Dual24VVX/RX2/3 - CPX2/3 - V2/3
68000318Dual12VCPX1 - CPX2/3 - V1 - V2/3 - v5
68000319Dual24VCPX2/3 - V2/3 - V5
68000939Compact Dual12VVX1 - VX1L - HX1 - PRO SERIES/FISH 700/1000 - PRO SPORT
68000320Dual12VCPX4 - V700 - V4
68000321Dual24VCPX4 - V4 - V6

Lewmar Boxed Unit Contactors
Part NumberContactors in BoxesPower SupplySuitable for Windlass model
68000129Dual12VVX/RX2/3 - V1 - V2/3 - V5
68000130Dual24VVX/RX2/3 - V2/3 - V5
18000200Dual12VVX1 - VX1L - V4 - HX1 - PRO SERIES/FISH 700/1000

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