LIROS 12mm 3 Strand Polyester Spliced to 8mm Chain


LIROS 12mm 3 Strand Polyester Spliced to 8mm DIN766 Calibrated Grade 40 Anchor Chain. Instant quote available

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LIROS 12mm 3 Strand Polyester Spliced to 8mm DIN766 Calibrated Grade 40 Anchor Chain 

Suitable for boats up to 9 metres length overall or 1.5 tonnes displacement (LIROS guide)

3 Strand Polyester is attached to chain using a 1 link splice - a crown splice formed around the last link of the chain
The 1 link splice is very strong but the critical strands around the end link should be scrutinised regularly for signs of chafe.
Most windlass manufacturers recommend 3 strand warps for use on rope/chain gypsies

Select from 4 different Chain Manufacturers:

8mm MF Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Anchor Chain with enhanced Solid Zinc Hot Dip Galvanising manufactured in Italy by MF Catenificio
Pitch 24mm + 0.4mm or - 0.2mm, outside width 27.2mm, weight 1.45kg per metre, break load 40-44Kn = 4079-4487kg

8mm AQUA4 Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Hot Dipped Galvanised Anchor Chain manufactured in Italy by Maggi Catena
Pitch 24mm + or - 0.6mm, outside width 26mm, weight 1.45kg per metre, break load 40.2Kn = 4099kg

8mm Lofrans Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Hot Dipped Galvanised Anchor Chain from Lofrans, manufacturers of world renowned Lofrans windlasses
Pitch 24.1mm, outside width 27.2mm, inside width 11.1mm, weight 1.45kg per metre, minimum break load 43Kn = 4384kg

8mm Titan Grade 40 DIN766 Calibrated Hot Dipped Galvanised Anchor Chain from Canada Metal, manufacturers of world renowned Rocna anchors
Pitch 24mm, outside width 22mm, weight 1.45kg per metre, Titan break load 4400kg

LIROS 3 Strand Polyester Article 00111/01110 - manufactured to DIN EN ISO 1141 standard (previously DIN EN 697, DIN 83331)

  • Heat Set Twisted Lay Construction 
  • Dependable Strength
  • Excellent Durability - wear and abrasion resistant
  • Superb UV stability
  • Reliable shock absorbing elongation under load > 15% working load stretch

Overall LIROS polyester is the most flexible, pliable 3 strand option for warps

LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2000kg ~ 12mm 2600kg ~ 14mm 3600kg ~ 16mm ~ 5000kg ~ 18mm 6000kg - 20mm 7000kg ~ 24mm 10500kg ~ 30mm 14800kg

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