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Lofrans Replacement 12V / 1000W Motor - Project 1000 930A
Lofrans Replacement 12V / 1000W Motor - Project 1000 930A

Genuine Lofrans Replacement

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More Information

This is the full list of Lofrans replacement motors in part number order. Stock of the more popular motors is generally available at Jimmy Green or at our UK supply partners.

Less popular models may need to be ordered from Italy which will mean a lengthy lead time.

Lofrans 12 volt Motors
602557 DC MOTOR TIGRES 2011 #1250A 12V 1,5KW
602560 DC MOTOR X2 2011 #1244A 12V 1,0KW B14
602562 DC MOTOR X2-X3 2011 #1250A 12V 1,5KW B14
633509 Lofrans Motor Scorpion/Marlin/X1 500W/12V #233E
633510 Lofrans Motor T700/Airon/X2 700W/12V #960A
633512 Lofrans Motor X2(<2010)/Kobra 1000W/12V 2T #961A
633516 DC MOTOR X3 2011 #1251A 12V 1,7KW B14
633521 DC MOTOR X1-X2 2011 #1232A 12V 0,7KW B14
633523 ELECTRIC MOTOR 1000W 12V-3M B14
633525 ELECTRIC MOTOR 1500W 12V-3M B14
634365 Lofrans Motor Cayman 700W/12V #353A
634367 Lofrans Motor Cayman 1000W/12V #353C
634369 Lofrans Motor Tigres 1500W/12V #418E
634371 Lofrans Motor Falkon 1700W/12V #418G
634373 DC MOTOR X2 #951A 12V 1,0KW
634375 Lofrans Motor Project 1000 1000W/12V #930A
634387 Lofrans Motor X2 1000W/12V #951E
634390 Lofrans Motor Dorado/Marlin/X1 700W/12V #233D
636050 LOFRANS DC MOTOR X1-X2 2016 - 800W/12V B14 #1231B

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