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Replacement parts for Lofrans Windlasses

Genuine Lofrans manufacture

Replacement Gypsies, gypsy cones, stripper arms, motors, finger, sensor andfmaintenance kits are listed separately

Please see information below on availability

All Royal, Kobra, Cayman, Tigres, Falkon and X2 parts are listed in separate products


More Information

All Lofrans spare parts are available to order.

Please identify the part numbers required and we can add them as an option.

Exploded diagrams are available to view for all windlasses:

Lofrans Spare Parts Diagrams

Please note that most of these listed parts may be available from our Lofrans supply partner in the UK.

If there is no stock in this country, there may be a long lead time of up to 4 weeks from the factory in Italy.

Part numbers = Description and related Diagram Number, by Windlass Model

Super Ercole
418476 = Kit B Screws #402
418575 = Kit D Circlips #400
634632 = Pivot #771
635312 = Pin 4x20 #401
635329 = Pawl #744

631442 = Drum #991A
631901 = Spacer X3 #990

T1500 Capstan
418422 - Seal Kit A

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