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Lofrans Stripper - Tigres

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Genuine Lofrans Replacement Parts

Releases the chain from the gypsy so that it will fall into the chain locker

Changing the Stripper Arm is required for certain models when changing the Gypsy chain size:  

Select 8mm or 10mm on the Royal, Kobra, Cayman and Tigres.


More Information

Stainless Steel Stripper Arms to suit the Lofrans Royal, Kobra, Cayman, Tigres, Lion, Dorado, X1, X3, X4 and SX3.5 windlass models.

These are genuine Lofrans Replacement Parts sourced from our supply partners, AR Peachment, the official UK Distributor for Lofrans.

If you are considering a change of gypsy size, please be aware that you may need to change the Gypsy Cone and the stripper arm.

You will need to select 8mm or 10mm chain for the Royal, Kobra, Cayman and Tigres models.

The SX3.5 version is a full assembly.

Windlass  Parts Diagram Number Lofrans Part Number
Cayman 335 635271
Kobra 8mm 335 635271
Kobra 10mm 335A 635272
Royal 335 635271
Tigres 8mm 335 635271
Tigres 10mm 335A 635272
Falkon 467 635291
Dorado 258 635289
Lion 1200 635278
X1  1044 635274
X3  982 635270
X4  932 635268
SX3.5 1229 635285
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